Lighting design for the spaces where we live, work and play.

eMatters delivers lighting planning and solutions for energy efficient, sustainable outcomes. Our projects conserve resources, reduce long term operating costs, and deliver healthier outcomes of the spaces where we live, work, and play.

Our solutions reflect the beauty of our natural world, the creative potential of design build, the fostering of community, and the health of those who inhabit the spaces we design. eMatters is your partner for progressive, creative, energy efficient lighting design.


eMatters partners with architects, designers, developers, and builders to create beautiful, sustainable, energy efficient spaces.

For our clients, we design, specify, and procure high performance LED lighting as well as solar PV powered LED systems. We craft the lighting design, planning, handle materials selection, procurement, installation and commissioning for sustainably lit spaces. From concept to final installation, we ensure that every component is installed to specification, meets official energy requirements, and is properly commissioned.

We are driven by the promise that healthy, beautiful, resource efficient buildings are inherently sustainable. With our lighting design, specification and procurement expertise we work to improve our environment and elevate the quality of life of our community. Our services include 3D renderings and photometric layouts to provide visual clarity to decision makers. See a general list of services below.

eMatters provides 3D renderings and photometric plans for all our lighting design projects.
eMatters LED lighting design 3D rendering of plan for the Leepa Rattner Museum

LED Lighting Specification and Design

  • Consult with client to determine the specific needs of both the people and the space
  • Site survey
  • Analysis of construction and electrical blueprints
  • Create initial calculations and evaluations
  • Establish Design Criteria
  • Create 3D renderings of the space including Photometric Layouts
  • Evaluate cost savings for operation and maintenance of new fixtures vs. existing fixtures
  • Provide new photometric layout with new fixture(s)
  • Provide proposed fixture schedule and specification sheet binder
  • Provide cost estimate and procurement quote
  • Procurement and delivery to the job site, if applicable
  • Meeting with the installation team
  • Commissioning the installed lighting system (to ensure the design intent is met: location and aesthetically correct installation and functionality)
  • Installation is carried out and the results are re-evaluated to ensure angles, heights, and lighting distribution is as it was designed
  • If any alterations need to be made, we suggest and help see those through (ie fixture aiming, optical lenses, color filters, light scenes)
  • Final evaluation and conclusion


Sustainable solutions for your green building challenge.

Sustainability is a passion for eMatters. Our goal is to be a part of the change toward a beautiful and sustainable built environment. Because we focus on sustainable design, working with us will keep you ahead of the curve and help you navigate new technology and conservation requirements. Beyond traditional lighting design, we have led projects in net zero and off grid solutions, and advised on coastal lighting environments. Whatever your sustainable design challenge may be, eMatters is your partner for positive change.

Net Zero Spaces

In 2015, eMatters USFSP Net-Zero garage project was completed. The project was a collaboration between a student organization on campus and local partners Falcon Electric Inc. Oldsmar and Williams Company and is the first of its kind to be built.

  • eMatters developed a sustainable solution in a segment that would have been impossible just a few years ago
  • We recognize the emergence of DC power in buildings, and can deliver solutions today
  • Expected return on investment just 4-5 years in a garage that will be an important location on campus for tens of years
Off Grid Solar Powered LED

Off grid solar powered LED lighting solutions solve numerous for outdoor lighting. Solar power is an obvious fit for outdoor lighting, and can now be chosen as a viable alternative. Solar options reduce or eliminate any power infrastructure while also increasing energy efficiency for typically high draw lighting.

  • Design lighting solutions for locations that do not have access to power, and/or are desired to be 100% sustainable
  • Solutions for public art and other public areas to improve visual appeal and safety concerns
  • Consult with facilities managers, artists, and others to implement solution
Coastal Lighting (dark sky compliance)

Dark sky legislation poses particular problems for outdoor lighting, particularly in areas that host wildlife and sensitive vegetation. eMatters has consulted on projects for National Parks and the Marine Science Laboratory to design solutions that reduce environmental impact on our environment, preserving precious resources

  • Limits harmful impact of lighting on our shorelines, helping wildlife and sensitive vegetation
  • We provide assistance in developing along shorelines that fall under Dark Sky legislation


Net Zero Garage

A USFSP student organization for green energy pushed their administration to build the first ever net-zero garage on campus. What’s a net zero garage? It’s a parking structure that actually creates more energy than it uses.
Learn more about USFSP Net Zero Garage project »

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